Lost in a fairy world at Po Mu village

Winding roads that are accompanied by a fairly cool atmosphere and hospitable local people at Po Mu village is what captures tourists’ love at first sight. If you have planed visiting Son La, Po Mu village is highly recommended.

Where is Po Mu village?

Driving through Sa Sip gorge with sharp turns and dangerous distances, then 20 kilometers of the path along Nam Chien hydropower reservoir, you are welcomed to Po Mu village. Smoking-out wooden stilt houses, immense forest, and poetic walls of bamboo are enough to wash your tiredness away.

Po Mu village in Ngoc Chien commune, Muong La district, Son La province is as beautiful as a masterpiece of nature. It lies about 80 kilometers to the northeast from Son La city. Staying at the average height of 1800 meters above the sea level, Ngoc Chien is the highest and the most fascinating land in Muong La district.

Po Mu village is a perfect fusion of nature and human beings

Touring Po Mu village provides you the feeling as if you got lost in a heavenly space. Closely stilt houses that are roofed with Vietnam Hinoki were built from ancient time and preserved as the treasure that the forest had presented to the human.


Among the primeval forest, there is off-season flowers blossom, releasing a pleasant fragrance, hot streams having the function of treating and depressing houses. Only when you explore Po Mu village, you do admire a uniquely ingenious architect.

Wandering around the village, you will see gates made of Vietnam Hinoki, fences specially made of bamboo, all of which turn travelers’ time back to their childish, when life was simple and purified.

Normal life in Po Mu village

Not only does Po Mu village attract tourists with its pristine and poetic beauty, but it is also a habitation for Mong and Thai people. Despite the great value of Vietnam Hinoki, native people are not as rich as what lowlanders mention. Their life is still self-sustaining. All agricultural products are cultivated and raised by themselves, therefore, they are extremely fresh.

Particularly, women in this land have the beauty of the mountainous region. Only on spring days or at weekends when you wander along Muong Chien village do you deeply touch the amazingness of native culture. Folk dance and tug of war animate the atmosphere, especially ethnic girls with smiling face light up the whole region.

How to get to Po Mu village?

Because the way from Son La city to Ngoc Chien is 80 kilometers long, dangerous and rough, to get a memorable trip, it is advised that tourists be careful, particularly backpacking young tourists.

From Son La, follow the 106th route about 40 kilometers to the northeast, then you reach It Ong town. Continue driving, you will reach Sa Sip gorge at the height of over 2000 kilometers with 40 kilometers of winding road. After the road through Sa Sip gorge does a bridge over a stream come. Then come to your target destination-Ngoc Chien commune.




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